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Erika Rose
Amidst Florida’s burgeoning anti-LGBTQ+ climate, a unique candidate has emerged to voice out against this alarming trend. Michael Travis, better known by his stage name Erika Rose, is determined to challenge the status quo by vying for a seat in the state legislature. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been...
Lewis Hamilton
The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, has made a strong statement by announcing that he will race with his signature rainbow helmet, worn in countries where LGBTQ+ rights are restricted. Speaking with the Associated Press, Hamilton reportedly referred to moves by Florida lawmakers as "anti-LGBTQ measures," drawing a parallel to...
Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently added more victories to his agenda targeting the LGBTQ+ community following a state board approving the expansion of the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, while the House passed bills on gender-transition treatments, bathroom use, and keeping children out of drag shows. The Board of...

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