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Tri-Nations Party featured DJ sets from Australia’s DJ Galleon, Auckland’s James Leuii and URGE Event’s own Everett Wayne. One of the biggest parties of Bear NZ Week 2024! Photos | Jasmin Sheikh. Saturday 3 February Phoenix, Level 1, 258 K Road.
URGE 26th Birthday Party saw a changing of the guard as Alan Granville departed URGE Events and DJ Everett Wayne stepped up to run the party brand with co-director Paul Heard. "I was truly taken aback by the love for URGE on the night," Alan tells YOUR EX. "It was an...

The URGE for Change

URGE Events co-director Alan Granville has announced his departure from the brand, and DJ Everett Wayne has confirmed that he will step up and take the reins alongside co-director Paul Heard. YOUR ex sits down with the three to find out what this evolution means for URGE. Alan:  Why is now...
STUFF journalist and URGE Events co-director Alan Granville has announced he is stepping down from the NZ dance party brand.   From co-owning and managing URGE Bar on K Road until in closure in 2014 to forming the national roaming party brand, URGE Events, Granville has spent 18 years working...

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