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Anderson Lee Aldrich
Prosecutors have laid an additional Twelve new charges against the alleged Club Q shooter bringing the total number of charges to 317. Anderson Lee Aldrich, the individual accused of opening fire in a Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ bar, Club Q, on the 19th of November, is now facing more charges following...
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Anderson Lee Aldrich, the individual charged with taking the lives of five people in the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, is facing a total of 305 charges and is likely to spend the rest of their life in prison without parole. 22-year-old Aldrich was formally charged for the shooting...
Police Scene
A horrific hate-fueled shooter has murdered at least five and injured 18 at a gay nightclub in Colorado, USA. According to local Police reports, the disgusting attack broke out at Colorado Springs’ Club Q on Saturday, 19 November, and was only stopped thanks to the bravery of several patrons who...

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