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Norway Pride
In an act of defiance against terror, Norway’s LGBTQ+ community has staged a “spontaneous” Pride parade just hours after a mass shooting that took the lives of two and left a dozen injured outside an LGBTQ+ venue. The unofficial Pride parade took place despite the official Pride parade being cancelled...
Jonas Gahr Støre
The Prime Minister of Norway has made a formal apologised to the nation's rainbow community for the historical persecution of gay men. Marking the 50th-anniversary of the repeal of section 213 of the penal code, which criminalised sexual relations between men, the nation's Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, apologised to...
Norway refugees
The Norwegian Government has changed its guidelines to allow LGBT+ refugees to be prioritised in the country's refugee intake. The Norwegian Department of Integration has decided to give priority to LGBTQ+ refugees when transferring from third countries. The Integration Secretariat has announced the modification of its directives and has instructed officials...

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