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High School
St. Ursula’s College, a Catholic school in Sydney, has reversed its anti-LGBTQ+ policy of not allowing same-sex couples to attend its end-of-year formal. This change comes after significant pushback against the school’s previous stance, which prohibited a student, Abbie Frankland, from bringing her girlfriend to the event. Frankland, a senior...
In previous hockey seasons, players across the NHL (National Hockey League) proudly showcased their support for the LGBTQ+ community by adorning their hockey sticks with rainbow-coloured Pride Tape during games and warmups. It was a small yet powerful gesture of solidarity that resonated with fans and advocates alike. However,...
NZ Parliament
In an important development for gender recognition, individuals in Aotearoa, New Zealand, can now identify as non-binary on their birth certificates without needing court involvement. Previously, individuals seeking to align their sex and gender identity had to go through the Family Court and provide evidence of medical treatment. However,...

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