Three months after a well publicised name-change owner operator Wayne Clark returned Ponsonby Road’s Poof bar back to it’s original title, following community support.

The announcement came in late April that owner Wayne Clark was changing the name of his recently opened boutique bar from Poof to POP on Ponsonby following pressure from the general public.

In the months following the change murmurs began in the GLBT community questioning the move to a mainstream name making their comments heard via social media.


Owner Wayne Clark tells express, “a significant number of people indicated they were not happy with the name change. This prompted us to ask our followers on social media what name they preferred?”

The response was overwhelmingly in support of the name Poof, with over 340 Facebookers showing support for returning to the original within the first day of the question being posed on the social media site. Clark says the support showed him that the LGBT (sic) community were ready to reclaim the word as a positive expression.

To celebrate the change back to Poof Bar, Clark and his team have introduced new plush ‘booth like’ seating throughout the bar, new intimate lighting and an extensive array of cocktails and bar snacks.

Poof Bar. 212 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby. Auckland.

Article | Tux Hika