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YOUR EX (formerly express) has been New Zealand’s leading LGBTQ+ media since 1992.
Our publications include our go-to website, a full-gloss nationwide monthly magazine (available in both printed and online form), an exclusive EDM list, and a strong social media presence.

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YOUR EX has been publishing in New Zealand since 1992.

YOUR EX has expanded from a small A4-sized, four-page photocopied pamphlet to a full gloss colour magazine published monthly, before also expanding online in the early 2000’s. In 2023 YOUR EX expanded to include reader logins for exclusive content, giveaways, and special offers, along with expanding synergies between our nationwide print magazine and online media.

YOUR EX is published by TMO Publications Ltd, an independent New Zealand-owned company. 

The YOUR EX team is also supported by a wide range of contributors, who broaden the scope and depth of the magazine and website each month.

Both our editor Oliver Hall and Partnership/Promotion manager Matt Fistonich look after our clients while working together to produce content on the magazine, website, social, and EDM.

YOUR EX remains New Zealand’s only LGBTI+ magazine and media – identifying with the LGBTQ+ community across Aotearoa.

YOUR EX is constantly innovating. Recent upgrades to our publication have seen nationwide distribution, Constant website upgrades and updates, and multimedia integration to ensure promotions and content is seen across all key demographics.

YOUR EX Magazine has a wide distribution throughout NZ, with large concentrations being distributed in main centres, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Queenstown. YOUR EX is also available online for all to access, no matter where in the world you are located.

Seventy specifically-designed and built stands are used to stock many of the printed magazines. The magazine is bulk distributed to over 80 separate delivery-confirmed sites in Auckland and throughout NZ. Thousands of copies are also posted to smaller distribution sites, MPs, senior government officials, clients, potential clients and subscribers.

YOUR EX also boasts New Zealand’s only regular LGBTI+ news and lifestyle website, with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. YOUR EX is also dominant on social media with over 80,000 followers across our social media accounts.

YOUR EX is unique in the NZ media landscape and is ‘Unapologetically Queer’.

YOUR EX successfully offers clients an integrated approach to reaching and communicating with their clients and potential clients. Advertisers enjoy the benefits of both print and digital media working in combination.

YOUR EX magazine is the only print publication and media regularly published in NZ with an LGBTQ+ audience. This target market is sought after by many successful and leading marketers – as demonstrated in any issue of YOUR EX magazine or in any month on its website. The majority of key advertisers with YOUR EX, including a wide range of market leaders such as GJ Gardner Homes, ASB, ANZ, KIWI Bank, BMW, Land Rover, Hawaiian Airlines, Malcolm Pacific Immigration, Frontier Touring, and the APO, to name a few.

YOUR EX is held in very high regard by its target audience. Readers appreciate and recognise advertisers who advertise specifically to them by appearing in their publication. These advertisers are telling readers that they are important and valued. This “halo” effect and the appreciation readers have for advertisers was demonstrated in a past survey where 70 per cent of participants claimed they try to support advertisers in YOUR EX.