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Opinion: How Kita Mean’s Coronation United Our Community

For several years we as a community (especially in Auckland) have been divided, both politically and ideologically. But for the past few months, Drag...

Laurel Hubbard: Olympic Bravery By A Trailblazing Athlete

Judy Virago shares her own experience of being a trans person in sports and fitness spaces, and believes after 15 years of trans athletes...

TransAction – Repurposing Rage

When it feels like the world is against you, it's instinctual to attack back, but Judy Virago says the key to victory is building...

Puberty Blockers: Cruelty or Kindness?

Judy Virago imagines a trans-childhood where puberty blockers prevent torturous teen years and concludes New Zealand is on the right path. In my second year...

Amanda Kennedy: Still a Fan, Without the Brigade

One half of Fan Brigade, Amanda Kennedy, is on hiatus from her genius comedy duo. Ahead of her solo material debut at the International...

Neil Thornton: Shame Less!

Comedian Neil ‘D'Bear’ Thornton presents his guide to cruising, dating and drinking on the gay scene without being a jerk. Some of you should...

The Invisible Ageing Queen

Michael Stevens discusses growing older in NZ’s queer community and the feelings of being unheard and unseen that come with it. I am getting older,...
Dr Peter Saxton

Does New Zealand Have a Conservative Attitude to Sex?

With gonorrhoea and syphilis on the rise, Dr Saxton says more needs to be done to address sexual health issues in New Zealand. Dr Peter...

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