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Single Life: Weird Dates Help You Realise Your Red Flags

Do you know what your red flags are? Dick Richards remembers back to some of his worst dates and how they helped him realise what...

Opinion: The Three-Legged Stool

With today's press conference suggesting sexuality and gender identity will no longer be taught in schools, Craig Young wonders if the National/ACT/New Zealand First...

Are You Fresh Meat On The Dating Apps?

Jessie Lewthwaite has dating app recommendations for those lucky enough to be ‘new in town.’ I’m lying on my couch, phone in hand, gin in...

Opinion: Should Stan Waipouri’s Killer Be Walking Free?

Craig Young questions our legal system's response to drug and alcohol-fuelled crime and asks whether enough detox and rehab programmes are being funded.   My friend...

Opinion: Polyamory and Professional Conduct

Craig Young believes we are starting to see the legislative and judicial inclusion of people in non-monogamous relationships in New Zealand.   Content warning: This article...

Opinion: Sam Smith’s Concert Made An Empowering Point

Sam Smith used their platform to promote body positivity and battle kink-shaming, all while showcasing the best voice in pop music. Ignore the reviews saying...

Opinion: Luxon Must Not Let Winston Peters Take Control

And so, with special votes now counted, National and ACT have lost their overall majority and now seem to be dependent on the good...

Isn’t It Time Drag Race Down Under Was Filmed In Australia?

As casting for Drag Race Down Under Season 4 begins an anonymous Auckland Drag Queen says the show is doing our drag a disservice. I...

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