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Opinion: Power Dynamics in Gay Relationships

Dick Richards theorises how the values we put on looks, wealth and other attributes, affect our power dynamics when dating and hooking up. When it...

Rainbow Life After Retirement

As LGBT+ specific retirement communities open in London and New York, Michael Stevens says New Zealand needs the same and implores our rainbow MPs,...

Trans Awareness: Revealing Yourself To Find The One

Dating these days is a challenge for people regardless of gender or sexuality, but dating while trans comes with a specific challenge - disclosure....

Hana Pera Aoake: Uungutungutu

Ahead of their talk at the NZ Young Writer's Festival (28 - 31 October, Dunedin) Hana Pera Aoake (they/them) discusses gender from a Māori...

Coming Out: Patience Can Pave A Path To Acceptance

Telling your family you are transgender can be one of the most defining conversations of your life. The reality for many is they may...

Opinion: Gay Sex on TV

Michael Stevens has been watching more gay sex recently, and it didn’t involve an ‘Incognito’ tab or a visit to Pornhub. Mainstream TV shows...

Gay Dating: What Adam & Steve Taught Us About Temptation

Monogamy, snakes, fruits and faith. Dick Richards examines the ‘old book's story of the world’s first gay couple and asks if your relationship rules...

Gay Dating: Sending Nude Selfies

We’ve all taken a nude selfie that captured just the right angle and during a flirty online chat shared it with others, but should...

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