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Opinion: It Might Be Easier, But It Still Isn’t Easy

21-year-old student Will rejects the claim that ‘it’s easy to be gay these days.’  It has been terrifying, numbing and frustrating, and I’ve told myself...

Gay Dating: Ghosted After You Sleep With Him

Urban Dictionary defines a ‘fuckboy’ as “a guy who will say anything to get a girl into bed, including pretending to want a relationship...

Faith: What is right and what is fair?

More mainstream sports are showing inclusion for Rainbow communities by supporting Pride. However when Michael Stevens compares two sports stars' rejections of their clubs’...

What is the Goal of Activism?

The answer seems obvious, but as the same names begin to appear on the boards of every queer organization Michael Stevens fears a stale...

Ask An Agony Uncle: Dealing With Anxiety

Rainbow Counsellor Paul Letham is here to help with your problems. Today he tackles finding your inner calm in a crazy world. Dear Paul,  All my...

Gay Dating: Are You Punching Above Your Weight?

You can’t just walk up to that guy across the bar and tell him you like him because he’s a 10 and you’re, well,...

Being Queer In The Coromandel, New Zealand

Staying at the bach over Summer might be one thing, but what is the reality of actually moving from the city to small-town New...

A History of Pride in New Zealand

Michael Stevens reflects on the ever-changing face of Pride in Aotearoa and longs to be able to gather again. Happy Pride! Even though it is...

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