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TransAction: Let Me Play!

Recent rulings by World Rugby and the British High Court are keeping trans-women excluded from professional sports. Judy Virago believes it is time we...

A Journey of Sexual Fluidity & Gender Identity

Many people think of transitioning as a single step, but Judy Virago believes defining yourself can be a long and winding path. I started correcting...

Navigating Parenthood As A Trans-Dad

Star of Rūrangi, Elz Carrad, tells us about his experience of being a trans-father and how his recent hormone therapy has helped give him...

TV Review: It’s A Sin

Michael Stevens immerses himself in the most-talked about gay drama in years and finds It’s a Sin, "is the best dramatisation of the early...

The End of Trump’s Toxicity

US politics has finally broking free from President Trump and his toxic brand of anti-LGBT+, racist and xenophobic rhetoric. Levi Joule hopes this rejection...

The Year That Was 2020

What a year that was! express looks back at our biggest features and stories during the year of 2020, looking back at the highs,...

TransAction: You Better Work! 

Educator, showgirl and Chair of the OuterSpaces Trust Board, Judy Virago shares her story of being a young trans person looking at the working...

An Open Letter to Straight People with Gay Family Members

Actor and Playwright, Liam Coleman shares his experience of growing up gay in a Christian household and asks straight families to really include their...

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