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Opinion: Graham Linehan’s New Zealand Visit Is Doomed

Irish comedy writer and anti-transgender activist Graham Linehan has been 'invited' to New Zealand by the libertarian "Free Speech Union" and Craig Young has...

Where Is The Best Place To Be A Single Gay Man In New Zealand?

Dick Richards analyses what dating apps are offering gay and bisexual men in the different parts of Aotearoa New Zealand. A friend of mine moved...

Why Straight Men Should Be A Gay Man’s Best Friend

Best known for his four-legged friends, Woof Rainbow Dog Show founder Steven Oates returns to YOUR ex to bestow the virtues of friendships with...

Looking For Love That Lasts Beyond The First Meet?

Dick Richards preaches abstinence… well, for the first date anyway. Have you ever wondered why a fuckbuddy or a hook-up never turns into anything more?...

Opinion: Who are you calling ‘Cis’?

Elijah Luke Michel explores the origins of the term ‘cisgender’ and searches for an alternative to appease those who find it offensive. Over the...

Social Media and Homophobic Violence in Christchurch

Craig Young reflects on recent attacks on gay men in Christchurch using the hook-up app Grindr. In Christchurch, a recent trial disclosed that a group...

Marching To Nowhere: The Return of Brian Tamaki

Craig Young shudders at yet another attempt at relevancy from Brian Tamaki. If you thought Brian Tamaki was being far too quiet, unfortunately, it seems he...

Navigating Romance on the Transgender Spectrum

Fresh from Valentine’s gaudy pink and red glow, Elijah Luke Michel explores the complexities of finding romance as a transgender person. It’s that delightful time...

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