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Gay Dating: What Adam & Steve Taught Us About Temptation

Monogamy, snakes, fruits and faith. Dick Richards examines the ‘old book's story of the world’s first gay couple and asks if your relationship rules...

Gay Dating: Sending Nude Selfies

We’ve all taken a nude selfie that captured just the right angle and during a flirty online chat shared it with others, but should...

Opinion: Michael Stevens “Activism Without Allies Is Ineffective”

Michael Stevens is putting a ring on it, and this unexpected twist in his life story has him reflecting on activism, legality and love....

Who Is Allowed To Call Themselves Trans?

Did you know there is an unwritten rulebook that defines who can identify as trans? Judy Virago didn’t realise until she started transitioning and...

Opinion: How Kita Mean’s Coronation United Our Community

For several years we as a community (especially in Auckland) have been divided, both politically and ideologically. But for the past few months, Drag...

Laurel Hubbard: Olympic Bravery By A Trailblazing Athlete

Judy Virago shares her own experience of being a trans person in sports and fitness spaces, and believes after 15 years of trans athletes...

TransAction – Repurposing Rage

When it feels like the world is against you, it's instinctual to attack back, but Judy Virago says the key to victory is building...

Puberty Blockers: Cruelty or Kindness?

Judy Virago imagines a trans-childhood where puberty blockers prevent torturous teen years and concludes New Zealand is on the right path. In my second year...

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