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Puberty Blockers: Cruelty or Kindness?

Judy Virago imagines a trans-childhood where puberty blockers prevent torturous teen years and concludes New Zealand is on the right path. In my second year...

Amanda Kennedy: Still a Fan, Without the Brigade

One half of Fan Brigade, Amanda Kennedy, is on hiatus from her genius comedy duo. Ahead of her solo material debut at the International...

Neil Thornton: Shame Less!

Comedian Neil ‘D'Bear’ Thornton presents his guide to cruising, dating and drinking on the gay scene without being a jerk. Some of you should...

The Invisible Ageing Queen

Michael Stevens discusses growing older in NZ’s queer community and the feelings of being unheard and unseen that come with it. I am getting older,...
Dr Peter Saxton

Does New Zealand Have a Conservative Attitude to Sex?

With gonorrhoea and syphilis on the rise, Dr Saxton says more needs to be done to address sexual health issues in New Zealand. Dr Peter...

Transitioning: An Unexpected Journey Into Male Privilege

When Law Student Frankie Wood-Bodley began to transition the last thing he expected to experience was male privilege, but like so many industries, legal...

Why We Need Trans People Telling Trans Stories

Judy Virago examines the recent controversy surrounding a cis-male actor being cast in a trans role in the NZ production of Things I Know...

Transaction: Perspective on Pride and Police

Judy Virago gives perspective to the debate that has divided our community. Four years ago, a cock-eyed consort and I were arrested on suspected possession...

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