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Amanda Kennedy: Still a Fan, Without the Brigade

One half of Fan Brigade, Amanda Kennedy, is on hiatus from her genius comedy duo. Ahead of her solo material debut at the International...

Neil Thornton: Shame Less!

Comedian Neil ‘D'Bear’ Thornton presents his guide to cruising, dating and drinking on the gay scene without being a jerk. Some of you should...

The Invisible Ageing Queen

Michael Stevens discusses growing older in NZ’s queer community and the feelings of being unheard and unseen that come with it. I am getting older,...
Dr Peter Saxton

Does New Zealand Have a Conservative Attitude to Sex?

With gonorrhoea and syphilis on the rise, Dr Saxton says more needs to be done to address sexual health issues in New Zealand. Dr Peter...

Transitioning: An Unexpected Journey Into Male Privilege

When Law Student Frankie Wood-Bodley began to transition the last thing he expected to experience was male privilege, but like so many industries, legal...

Why We Need Trans People Telling Trans Stories

Judy Virago examines the recent controversy surrounding a cis-male actor being cast in a trans role in the NZ production of Things I Know...

Transaction: Perspective on Pride and Police

Judy Virago gives perspective to the debate that has divided our community. Four years ago, a cock-eyed consort and I were arrested on suspected possession...

“My Experience of Being a Queer Chinese Immigrant in New Zealand”

China Pride Festival organiser and AUT student Arajoe Xi tells us how ‘colourful’ Aotearoa helped her embrace her inner rainbow.   “在新西兰成为酷儿华裔移民的经历” 有幸参加这次的采访,在这里来分享一下我身为一个中国lgbtq群体在新西兰生活的经历。 首先自我介绍一下,我是Arajoe Xi,今年20岁,正在AUT读视觉传达设计,也同样是一个兼职的平面设计师,我2016年跟随父母来到新西兰,刚来时我上高中,也正在处于自己的性取向探索阶段,所以可以说我的青春期基本上是在新西兰度过的。 其实早在很小的时候就察觉到自己会对同性产生好感,但是我也不确定那是不是真正的爱情。看到这边高中,会有一些和自己同性伴侣骄傲的在学校牵着手,甚至在学校的心里咨询室也会有彩虹旗的标示,这时候的我逐渐开始了解一些国外的一些同性恋文化和历史。 有时候我也会在街上一些商店门口贴有彩虹标示,心里充满感动,有时候由衷的感觉新西兰真的是个很自由很开放的国家啊,在这里人们可以做自己想做的事情,爱自己想爱的人,这与从小到大接触到的中国保守文化很不一样。 关于出柜。我的出柜还算顺利,在高中我已经强烈的感觉到我果然还是喜欢同性的时候,一次偶然的聊天,和我妈妈坦白了这一切,第一次出柜,我哭了,当时喜欢的日本女孩子要回国了,当时的我非常消沉,决定和我妈坦白这一切,她也接受了,但是她还是认为这可能是发生在朋友之间的喜欢。不过这也是不意外的,我的妈妈一直和我无话不谈,就像好朋友那样的相处模式,所以我出柜的顺利还算是在意料之中的。 Be proud of who...

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