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Opinion: What A Second Trump Presidency Means For New Zealand?

Craig Young questions how Aotearoa should react to a second Trump win and the impact of Rainbow communities worldwide. If Donald Trump wins the next...

Embracing Pride, Resilience & Good Health: A Status-Neutral Approach to HIV

Tom Naves from Body Positive highlights the importance of sexual health, especially during Pride season in Aotearoa, New Zealand. In February, we celebrate our resilience...

What could a Chloe Swarbrick led Green Party look like?

Chloe Swarbrick, the openly bisexual Auckland Central MP, is the front-runner to become the Green Party’s new co-leader. Craig Young examines what the youngest...

Opinion: Teaching Sexuality and Gender Identity In Our Schools

Craig Young delves into the government’s removal of the Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum from our schools. In order to critically debate the Relationships...

Opinion: Don’t Mess With The Human Rights Commission

Craig Young says The ACT Party needs to abandon its current ruminations about the abolition of the Human Rights Commission. Even if it isn't...

You’re Not Single! You’ve Just Let Grindr Become Your Boyfriend

Dick Richards realises that dating apps have become the ex he keeps going back to. So how do you break that cycle? After years and...

Opinion: Why is James Wallace Free?

What does James Wallace’s early release say about the legal system’s view of male sexual assault survivors? Asks Michael Stevens. James Wallace, the sex offender...

Lesbian In The Wild: Queer? In This Economy?!

Jessie Lewthwaite gives her top money-saving tips for women who love women (WLW).  Recently, when I was out at a queer event, I made sure...

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