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Same Sex Marriage

The International Landscape of Same-Sex Marriage: Study Shows Global Views on Same-Sex Marriage

A comprehensive study by the Pew Research Center has highlighted the stark global contrasts in acceptance of same-sex marriage. The extensive survey, now including...

End of an Era: London’s Iconic G-A-Y Late Nightclub Announces Closure

The renowned Soho LGBTQ+ nightclub, G-A-Y Late, is set to close its doors for good, with the venue's final night being confirmed as the...
Cardinal Peter Turkson

Ghana’s Roman Catholic Cardinal Advocating for Understanding, Not Criminalisation of Homosexuality

In a notable departure from the stance of his fellow Roman Catholic bishops in Ghana, Cardinal Peter Turkson has voiced opposition to the criminalisation...
putin Russia

Russia Escalates Crackdown on LGBTQ+ Rights with Proposed International Ban

In a disturbing legal move, the Russian Ministry of Justice has filed a lawsuit with the nation’s Supreme Court seeking to ban the “international...

Drag Race Germany Crowns First Ever Cisgender Woman Winner

Pandora Nox is the first AFAB (assigned female at birth) winner in Drag Race's nearly 15-year 'herstory'. Pandora Nox has emerged as the first cisgender...

Protesters in Indonesia Demand Halt to Coldplay Concert Over Band’s LGBTQ+ Support

A protest led by conservative Muslim groups in Jakarta, Indonesia, have called for the cancellation of British band Coldplay’s scheduled concert, citing the band’s...
Posie Parker

Posie Parker’s Party of Women Thwarted by UK Electoral Commission Again

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, better known as Posie Parker, has faced another setback in her political endeavours as the UK Electoral Commission rejected her second attempt...

Vatican Ousts Anti-LGBTQ+ Bishop In Texas

In a significant move by the Vatican, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Eastern Texas has been dismissed from his role as the head of the...

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