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Polish Bishops

Polish Bishops Call For The Opening Of Conversion Therapy Clinics

Bishops in Poland are calling for the opening of new conversion therapy clinics with the aim of forcing individuals to “regain their natural sexual...
Putin Russia

Russian Legislation Declares War on Trans People

A new Russian law aiming to prohibit any change of marital status for trans people could have a retroactive effect and prevent straight couples...
Philippines President

Philippines President Pardons U.S. Marine Convicted Of Killing A Trans Woman

LGBT+ rights groups are crying foul as the President of the Philippines officially pardoned a U.S. Marine who was convicted of killing a transgender...

Sydney Kebab Shop Forced to Apologise After Posting Violent Homophobic Meme on Facebook

 The owner has asked the LGBT community for forgiveness. Despite being located in one of the most LGBT friendly suburbs in Sydney, a Waterloo...
Ethan Is Supreme

17-Year-Old Beauty Influencer and YouTuber Ethan Is Supreme Has Died

Beauty influencer and YouTuber, Ethan Is Supreme, has reportedly died at just 17 years old. Ethan Is Supreme (Real name Ethan Peters), was confirmed dead...

UK Government Under Pressure to remove ‘Homophobic’ Tony Abbott From Trade Role

Tony Abbott has been blasted a ‘homophobe’ and ‘misogynist,’ as his lesbian sister comes to the former Australian PM’s defence. The British government is...
Indonesian Anti-Gay Raid

Indonesian Police Arrest 9 In Anti-Gay Raid In Jakarta

Nine men have been arrested and put on public display after Indonesian police detained them in a raid on a gay party at a...

Gay YouTuber Who Believes Youth Should Learn About “Same-Sex Love” Angers Homophobes

A storm is brewing on social media with homophobic Twitter users attacking openly gay South African YouTuber and reality TV star Lasizwe, after he...

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