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Anderson Lee Aldrich Shooter

Club Q Shooter Sentenced to 55 Life Sentences for Hate Crimes

Anderson Lee Aldrich, the Colorado Springs mass shooter, pleaded guilty to over 50 federal hate crimes on Tuesday and was sentenced to 55 life...
Thailand Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

Thailand Legalises Same-Sex Marriage, A First For South-East Asia

Thailand has become the first nation in South-East Asia to legalise same-sex marriage, with the country's Senate approving the landmark bill. The legislation's approval was...

AUSTRALIA: Charges Laid Against Former NSW Police Officer for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

A former New South Wales Police officer has been charged with allegedly raping a colleague and allegedly touching two other colleagues over a two-year...

USA: Louisiana Judge Halts Enforcement of LGBTQ+ Anti-Discrimination Rule in Schools

A federal judge in the state of Louisiana has blocked the enforcement of a new rule from President Joe Biden's administration that protects LGBTQ+...

Ukrainian Pride Marchers Rally for Rights Amid Ongoing War

Despite pouring rain, an ongoing war, and the need for heavy police protection, hundreds gathered under the protection of police in Kyiv for the...
Vietnam War

Late Veteran Comes Out in Obituary: “I Was Gay All My Life”

Colonel Edward Thomas Ryan, a retired firefighter and decorated United State Army veteran, has come out as gay in his own obituary, expressing that...
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Under Fire Again For Repeating Offensive LGBTQ+ Term

Pope Francis has come under fire again for using a derogatory term against LGBTQ+ individuals, repeating an error he made nearly a month ago....

Steve Fahd: Giving The Gold Coast A Gay Scene

It’s a top holiday destination for New Zealanders, but until Steve Fahd made it happen, the Gold Coast didn’t have a queer venue. He...

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