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Elliot Page Says His Surgery was “Life Changing”

Page has become the first transgender man to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. Elliot Page has spoken about the discomfort he felt in...

Catholic Church Refuses to Bless Same Sex Unions

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says God “does not bless sin.” The Catholic Church will not be relaxing its hard-line anti stance on...

Racism Row Engulfs RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

From golliwog tattoos to blackface performances, racially insensitive pasts leave question marks hanging over two of RuPaul's Australian queens. Accusations of racism have been levelled...

Gay Rugby Legend Pays Tribute to Prince Harry Following Oprah Interview

The former Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas says that after he revealed he was HIV positive, Prince Harry messaged him with his support. Openly gay...

New Kiwi Transgender Drama ‘Rūrangi’ to Air on Hulu in USA

You can watch the trailer here.   A new Kiwi series which follows a lead transgender character will be shown in the United States after...

Gay Canadian Couple Arrested By Machine Gun Carrying Mexican Cops

The pair were subsequently released after locals protested A same-sex Canadian couple were arrested by Mexican police carrying machine guns for sharing a kiss...

“Christian Lives Matter” Group Attempt to Drown Out LGBT Concert in Sydney

The group weren’t happy that the concert was taking place in the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral saying it made “a mockery” of Christianity....

Subversion from inside the closet: gay academics in China

Gay male academics in China find ways of living authentically while also appearing to conform in a society often openly hostile to homosexuality, a...

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