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Laverne Cox Victim of Transphobic Attack

The Orange Is the New Black star says, “You’re not safe if you are a trans person.”  Laverne Cox has taken to her Instagram to...

Biden Planning Rapid Unwind Of Anti-LGBT+ Trump Policy

President-elect Joe Biden has announced his plans to unwind anti-LGBT+ policy enacted by outgoing President Donald Trump. The incoming President who will take office in...

Over Half Of Trans People Experienced A Transphobic Attack In 2020 According To UK...

A new report from the United Kingdom has shown that more than half of all trans people in the nation have experienced a transphobic...
conversion therapy

Victoria Set to Ban Cruel Conversion Practices For Good

Cruel and bigoted practices that seek to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity will soon be stamped out across the...

Washington D.C On Track To Ban ‘Panic Defence’

Legislation to remove so-called 'panic defence' has been unanimously approved in Washington D.C's Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. The approval of the legislation now paved...
Trump White House

Melania Trump Forbidden To Light Up White House In Rainbow Colours During Pride Month

Melania Trump was reportedly forbidden from lighting up the White House in rainbow colours to celebrate Pride Month due to concerns from within the...

World Marks Transgender Remembrance Day 2020

2020 is set to be the deadliest in recent years for violence against the transgender community in the United States. As the world marks...

LGBT Domestic Violence Still Under Reported

There has reportedly been an 80% increase in LGBT domestic violence reports since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom. New research...

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