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New Bi-Monthly Drug Could Be More Effective Than PrEP

A global three-year study has successfully shown that a long-acting injectable drug dosed every two months can be more effective than the daily PrEP. Worldwide...

Sex in the age of Coronavirus

In a time of physical distancing, Body Positive’s Mark Fisher asks what is the future for casual sex, sex on-site premises and people engaged...

Unsafe & Unstable Homes During Lockdown

Being left without a home, or in an unsafe one during a global crisis is not an ideal situation - but for a lot...

Daniel’s Top Ten Queer Lockdown Reads

Passionate bookseller and lover of queer literature, Daniel Devenney gives us the best books that he couldn't survive self-isolation without.  Greetings to all my fellow...

Kiwis Surviving Self-Isolation: Chris Parker

Thanks to Zoom, Comedian and Male Gayz co-host Chris Parker has never connected as much with his friends, and like Dua Lipa, is enjoying...

The Rainbow Community In Level 4 Lockdown: Stu Pearce

RNZAF Commanding Officer, Wing Commander Stu Pearce tells us how his Defence Force training has helped him to stay positive during lockdown and his...

“Masturbation and your personal sex toys are your partners of choice during level 4.”

Body Positive's Executive Director Mark Fisher says 'no' to casual sex during lockdown and suggests giving your body a break from PrEP while in...

Coronavirus and HIV

Body Positive CEO Mark Fisher examines the impact of Covid 19 on our HIV Positive community. HIV treatments are highly effective at controlling HIV and...

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