Leading A Wave Of Change In The Pacific

In April, the Cook Islands finally decriminalised homosexual acts after a long battle between conservative MPs and advocates. YOUR ex speaks to Valery Wichman...

David Leslie: FAboriginal Fashion

Fresh off their Australian Fashion Week debut, designer David Leslie talks about triumphantly celebrating indigenous culture with Zachary Neelu. David Leslie is a gay Kamilaroi...

Gay Dating: Attachment Issues

When it comes to dating, Dick Richard’s two biggest red flags are behaviours he himself is guilty of. So how do we avoid attachment...
Michael and Matt

Celebrate Honolulu Pride This October

With unique parties, parades, outdoor celebrations, and special discounted flights, it’s time to celebrate pride in Hawaiʻi this October. YOUR EX has all the...

Clearlight Saunas: Retreat Into Warmth This Winter

Forget the classic Kiwi spa pool, installing a Clearlight infrared sauna at home is the ultimate in luxury, providing healthy heat to keep you...

After The Party: How One Man Changed His Relationship With Meth

Nebbie* had known for a while that his use was becoming problematic. He was unable to have sex without being high, his physical health...

August’s Queer History of New Zealand

Historian Gareth Watkins explores August dates that had a significant impact on Aotearoa’s LGBTQ+ communities. 4 August 1908 The Crimes Act 1908 was enacted. The legislation...

VIDEO: AI Creates The Most Handsome Man from Every Country in The World

YouTube channel A.I Art Discovery uses artificial intelligence to artistic pictures. Recently they asked the AI to create a picture of the most handsome...

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