Travel: A Train Ride To The Centre of The Universe

From brushing shoulders with A-list celebs to seeing the effects of progressive change and even considering what a tiny speck we are in the...

Dr Nassif Exclusive: “Why would someone want breasts the size of a watermelon?”

Dr Paul Nassif, the renowned surgeon and mastermind behind reality guilty pleasure, Botched, discusses his bromance with Terry Dubrow and gives YOUR EX readers...
same-sex family

New Zealand’s Annual Surrogacy Information Day

While Growing Families has been running Surrogacy seminars in Auckland and sometimes Wellington for many years, 2024 marks the first time this has been...

Matty McLean: How To Make Your Wedding Day Magical

Ahead of his debut as The Hits’ Drive Show’s new host, Matty McLean shares the best advice he received about coming out and his...

Rotorua’s Ultimate Spa Weekend: Restoring Hope and Possibility

Visiting Rotorua’s new Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa promises to be a ‘restorative journey.’ Oliver Hall and a famous friend find it lives...
Dart River Adventures

The Changing Face Of Queenstown

New Zealand’s biggest international tourism destination has bounced back from border closures like nowhere else in the country and has set ambitious plans for...
Countryman Hybrid

Mini Countryman Hybrid: A Vibrant Blend of Style and Rebellion

The Mini Countryman Hybrid, a darling in the compact crossover world, has become a beloved choice for Mini enthusiasts. YOUR ex took this delightful...

You’re Not Single! You’ve Just Let Grindr Become Your Boyfriend

Dick Richards realises that dating apps have become the ex he keeps going back to. So how do you break that cycle? After years and...

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