Green Party leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman on why we should be ticking their box this election.

What do you think are the three greatest problems facing NZ at the moment?

Our rivers and beaches being dirty and at risk from pollution and oil spills, child poverty and inequality and an economy that is not working for everyone.


Do you have a message for people who are thinking about coming out?

Metiria – Remember that you are a perfect, amazing person and the world deserves to know the real you.

Russel – You are a wonderful person, inside and out.  You deserve to be happy and be the person you want to be.

Do you think NZ is a good place for young gay people to grow up?

At the moment, New Zealand is a hard place for most young people to grow up in.  There is a real need for us to become a society that is fair and equal for everyone.

What will The Green Party do to improve health and wellbeing of the rainbow community?

Our policy is for: Full legal equality; Clarify gender identity as a ground for discrimination to be illegal; Resourcing for community centres, support services, events and outreach programmes; Create safe environments in schools and all other institutions; Ensure the availability of health services specific to the needs of rainbow communities; Take an active role in promoting human rights for rainbow communities around the world.

In 42 Commonwealth countries homosexuality is still a crime. As a commonwealth leader do you think you our Prime Minister has a responsibility to advocate gay rights on a world stage?

New Zealand and our leaders, especially our Prime Minster, have a responsibility to stand up for human rights everywhere.

Do you have an unsung rainbow hero that you feel should be recognised?

Metiria – The many young men and women who set up the Auckland Lesbian and Gay Youth Network in 1989. Now the great support organization Rainbow Youth!

Russel – Alan Turing. He is considered the father of modern computing but he was prosecuted for his homosexuality in 1952.  I admire him for his work and the fact he acknowledged his sexuality despite knowing this would result in a conviction.

What do rainbow voices bring to Parliament?

Parliament needs to represent the diversity we see in our society… Rainbow voices bring a great pool of knowledge and personal understanding facing the queer community… We are proud of the fact that all of our MPs have always voted the right way on rainbow issues in Parliament.

Why should our readers give you their party vote?

We have a proven track record of being the lead voice of opposition this term in Parliament on issues that are important to New Zealanders such as asset sales. But at the same time, we have also worked with National to deliver practical results like the home insulation package.  We bring fresh, modern thinking into Parliament and we are the only party that is not afraid to tackle the big issues, like climate change and poverty, head on.

 Article | Oliver Hall.