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Hi Sophie!

Hi guys!


Tell us, what drew you to this work?

I love everything that Silo theatre does and would say yes to any play they asked me to be in.  Plus Oliver Driver was directing and the script is blimmin’ terrific.

What’s the most outrageous thing director Oliver Driver has you doing in the show?

I do some very dangerous KNIFE-acting, it’s causing some bruising. Last night Oly said to me – it looks so good that it would be worth a little stab, wouldn’t it? Yes. It would.

BELLEVILLE was voted by the New York Times as one of the top ten plays of 2013 – what is it about the work that makes it so good?

Amy Herzog’s has written these well-drawn, beautiful characters that I’m in love with—in part because they’re so complicated.

When I first read the script, I read the first scene and was all ‘yeah I know what this play is’ and then you turn the page and you’re totally wrong. It is a tense read. It totally subverted my expectations. It was uncomfortable, I remember thinking… Oh my God, what is happening in this relationship? Every page was like WHAT!?

What can people expect to see when coming to see the show?

Audiences so far have mentioned their hearts racing and having to close their eyes in certain bits. It’s a domestic thriller. Which is the worst kind of thriller I think. Intimate relationships can be scary in that you can think you truly know your partner but actually there are some things that are un-knowable. Herzog has created a very realistic and detailed portrait of a relationship that audiences will recognise, but on top of that is a real layer of genre.

I also think it’s pretty romantic. Belleville is about the tiny secrets and massive lies we tell our partners because we love them. And what we will make ourselves believe because we love someone so much. It’s romantic in a sick kind of way.

Are you a thriller or a comedy kind or girl?

I do love a good comedy. Go see Housebound, that is a blimmin treat and nails both genres.

What next for Sophie Henderson?

I’m producing The Basement’s Christmas show, Hauraki Horror. It’s a murder mystery set on a boat and the audience chooses their own adventure. Written by the hilarious Tom Sainsbury and Chris Parker,  I am giving you a big laughs guarantee.

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