New Vatican Stance on Gays: Auckland Diocesan’s Reaction

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In what some are describing as “an earthquake” The Vatican has signaled a change in direction on the church’s attitude to homosexuals. express spoke to Auckland Diocesan spokesperson Dame Lyndsay Freer for her reaction

In a statement by the Vatican released Monday night called “Relatio” the church is now urging clergy and parishioners to treat gay Catholics, including those in relationships with more respect than had been previously condoned.

Auckland Diocesan spokesperson Dame Lyndsay Freer says that the statement is “part of a wider discussion”  on family life, but that the statement “stands on its on its merits,” Freer says that there has been a need for the church to “speak in language more open” and that the language has been rather off putting so far in relation to issues to do with the LGBT community, but that is changing under the new
direction of Pope Francis.


On the question of whether this was a radical change or the earthquake some describe it as, Freer states “People who are conservative would feel like this is an earthquake” Freer says that Pope Francis has a “whole different attitude” than previous Popes and that those with more morally conservative views within the church have felt “challenged if not threatened” becoming increasingly uncomfortable in recent months about Pope Francis’s views in relation to moral issues

Article | Levi Joule