What if Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly had a love affair, or Rita Hayworth with Ginger Rogers? Lost Cow Performances presents a new full-length show, ‘Untitled Queer Commercial Dance Show’ for the 2015 NZ Fringe Festival and are seeking urgent funding.

A team of talented local dancers are adding another voice to the queer world, bringing up issues of gender identity, sexuality and stereotyping through dance. Each character provides a unique story which explores a different facet to being queer in the 21st century.

Ex K’Road dancer and Hutt Valley native Jeremy Haxton presents his first full length show with collaborative efforts from his dancers. After experimenting and presenting contemporary dance works, most recently A measure of freedom for a measure of success for the Short and Sweet Dance Festival, he has decided the best way to present an all Queer work to the public is by pirouetting and high-kicking his way to their hearts.


A graduate of UNITEC Performing Arts School in Auckland, Jeremy returned to Wellington for a simpler, humbler life. He currently exists as a freelance dancer, teacher, choreographer and full-time queer, training to be a qualified ballet teacher through Tarrant Dance Studios. He longs to see the queer population more represented in mainstream culture without the over-the-top stereotypes which come with it. With that, his Untitled Queer Commercial Dance Show was born. His prior contemporary works have been seen as humorous and light-hearted, whilst being also thought-provoking. He has enjoyed playing with gender roles and the ridiculous expectations associated with them. Untitled Queer Commercial Dance

Those able to donate to ensure the show goes ahead can donate at

Show Feb 25-28 2015,
9.30pm Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee St, Wellington
Tickets: $17 Full/ $13 Concession/ $10 Fringe Addict

Article | Levi Joule