Jarrad Godman’s design aesthetic is whimsical, intelligent and badass.

He wowed at last year’s New Zealand Fashion Week where he showcased his collection at the Jarrad Godman X Servilles show with bold colours in draping styles that flatter the form. We asked him how he curates his own distinctive look, and how to dress in a New Zealand winter.

Who is Jarrad Godman?
I’m a creative guy who enjoys clothing, coffee and cats.

What’s your winter style aesthetic?
I like to keep it simple. Cropped trousers, either a crewneck or turtleneck jumper and a warm jacket. I tend to dress monochromatically but will often throw a print into the mix.

Is it possible to dress both warmly and stylishly? If so, what are your tips?
Of course! There is a way to be stylish in any weather. As long as you have quality wardrobe staples you can’t really go wrong. Just invest in outerwear and accessories that make you feel good.


Winter coat investment piece vs. whatever’s good at the time, and why?
I am a big believer in investing in a high-quality coat, especially if it’s something classic. You can wear it for years, usually it’s cheaper in the long run, and more sustainable too.

Who, if anyone, inspires your style?
I struggle to pinpoint anybody specific that influences me, I just developed my style by buying through local designers.

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