Jaguar’s PACE family is an award-winning, stylish line-up of modern SUV vehicles with sports car lineage but SUV practicality.

Made up of the I-PACE, F-PACE and E-PACE, all boasting exceptional design, technology and style features, it can be hard to pick which member of this luxury line up is the one for you, so with Jaguar’s help, we’ve created a quick questionnaire so you can find out which of these fierce SUVs best suits your style.

Q – That hottie from Tinder finally agreed to a date and wants to go for a spin in your new Jaguar. How exhilarated do you want the torque to make them?


A – All the way! A life with me has no limits, might as well show them that. (3 points)

B – I like to push people a bit beyond their comfort zones. It keeps things memorable. (2 points)

C – I don’t want to scare them! Just impress. (1 point)

Q – It’s the age-old question: does size matter?

A – Yes! I want them to see me coming and feel intimidated. (3 points)

B – No, it’s all about practicality and what you can do with it. And I want to do everything! (2 points)

C – Yes! And with today’s parking, I want to fit into every space that presents itself. (1 point)

Q – How masculine do you like your ride to look?

A – Like a suave, sophisticated gentleman. Think Daniel Craig sipping a martini while parachuting from a burning plane. (3 points)

B – I have nothing to prove. As long as it looks well-groomed, it’s the way it drives that counts. (2 points)

C – The patriarchy is not for me. Good things come in more compact, elegant packages. (1 point)

Q – Would you rather have bigger payments in the beginning and save on fuel costs or spread the cost throughout your car’s life?

A – No brainer! Electric is the way of the future and I’m ready to embrace it. (3 points)

B – I’m looking for the best of both worlds. Battery when it works for me and fuel when it doesn’t. (2 points)

C – Great fuel efficiency that can take me anywhere is the most practical thing right now. (1 point)

Q – How luxurious can you afford to go?

A – I want the ultimate in modern luxury that feels truly timeless. (3 points)

B – I want to spoil myself with a refined vehicle where the performance feels special. (2 points)

C – I want my car to be an extension of me, a sophisticated city slicker. (1 point)


1 to 5 points
Your dream car is: the new Jaguar E-PACE


The perfect vehicle for sashaying around tight city streets, Jaguar’s new E-PACE is hard to beat thanks to its sleek and sexy design and its ability to conquer the urban jungle. It offers a unique balance of agility ride comfort, and striking looks which coupled with its powerful engine and breath-taking tech adds up to a super capable, head-turning, SUV ideal for city living.

6 to 10 points
Your dream car is: the new Jaguar F-PACE


This big cat is a luxury performance SUV that showcases some of the best that Jaguar has to offer when it comes to roar power! It has a refined yet masculine look, incredible performance and wild tech, making the F PACE the purrr-fect SUV for the queens among us who need a little thrill while enjoying the finer things in life.

11 to 15 points
Your dream car is: the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE


While this groundbreaking SUV is Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle it remains a Jaguar above all else – ensuring unparalleled performance, second to none luxury and sports car DNA, the I-PACE offers the best of both worlds with uncompromised performance and practicality, coupled with a greener and environmentally friendly footprint.

For More information on the all-new Jaguar SUV range head to or pop into your friendly local retailer.