Stats NZ Survey: 4.2% of NZ’s population is LGBT+


There are also some worrying findings in the Stats NZ survey!

One in 20 adults in New Zealand identifies as LGBT+, which accounts to 4.2% of the adult population according to Stats NZ’s annual Household Economic Survey.

The survey questioned more than 31,000 Kiwis aged 18 and over and is the first-time data on sexual identity and gender has been collected.


Several findings highlight the inequalities New Zealand’s LGBT+ community continues to face.

The survey found that LGBT Kiwis were more likely to identify as disabled when compared with the non-LGBT+ population (18.2 percent and 11.2 percent, respectively).

Compared with non-LGBT+ people, LGBT+ people were more than twice as likely to report daily feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and worry (11.0 percent and 26.3 percent, respectively), and almost three times as likely to report daily feelings of depression (3.4 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively).

 These findings were consistent across the entirety of the LGBT community.

Additionally, LGBT+ people were less likely to own their home than non-LGBT+ people of the same age across all age brackets and were more likely to live in worse housing conditions.

The LGBT+ population also reported average annual housing costs which were significantly higher than that of non-LGBT Kiwis.

You can read the findings in full here.