Following a successful surgery and outpouring of love from the community, Drag Race Down Under Season One winner, Kita Mean, has been granted an early release from hospital.

“I’m blown away by the support express readers have shown me,” the star tells us. “Thank you all so much for the love.

“In a turn of events, they operated on me this morning, and after that was successful they have decided to send me home for a few weeks before my final skin graft surgery.


“They want the skin to have a few weeks to try and rebuild underneath before they graft it to avoid having a big dip in the skin,” explains Kita Mean.

All this means the drag personality will now be home for Christmas Day!

While the 25th won’t be the usual sequinned celebration, Kita is looking forward to a relaxed affair with close loved ones.

“Even though I will be mostly on bed rest and have a vacuum dressing attached to me, I will still be putting on a festive shirt and spending the day with my beautiful partner and my family, in my home. I feel extremely blessed and I am wishing every one of us the strength to make this Christmas as positive as it can be for yourself and those around you,” she tells express.