One of NZ’s biggest gay NYE celebrations at Uretiti Beach will be restricted this year due to severe flooding at Aotearoa’s most popular campsite.

As previously reported by express, flooding has caused havoc on New Zealand’s busiest campsite, Uretiti Beach, leaving the Department of Conservation to consider closing it over the festive season due to public safety concerns. 

Thanks to the efforts of the campground’s manager Steve Farrow, partner Adrian, and a group of loyal Uretiti patrons, no closure is imminent but restrictions are in place.


The biggest impact will be on Uretiti’s legendary outdoor party area, Daddy’s Bar, which has always been the location of a large predominantly-gay NYE party.

This year, Daddy’s Bar and its hetero counterpart ‘Trev’s Bar’ will both have less space dedicated to their areas, restricting the amount of people who can party in those spots.

“Restrictions will still be in place as we still have 30% of the camp out of use,” Manager Steve Farrow tells express, following the news that 120 tonnes of gavel has been used to repoint flooded roads throughout the campground.

“The raised road has definitely helped as now the road can stay operation in a one way system as previous. 

“Tomorrow we will be adding another raised area in the road to stop excess water flowing across and flooding it. 

“We have three major areas fences off and, as you can imagine, will add pressure to campers having enough room. 

“The good news is we are open as it was touch and go if DoC closed the camp for safety reasons.

“We have had to implement some restrictions/ requests to campers to ensure room is available to all bookings. The plan is to ensure safety and room for all, this will unfortunately come at a cost.”

The campsite has been booked out over NYE for over three months.

According to Uretiti Beach Campsite’s official Facebook page, the restrictions are:

  One car per booking. All other vehicles will be requested to park out side the camping areas in a secure car park we have set aside. 

  All boats, trailers to be parked outside camping areas.

  No gazebo, Marquee over 3×3 in size.

  Within the camping areas NO large area can be set aside for socializing.

  All motor homes and caravans must park end on or front end in to any boundary fence or garden area. NO side on parking.

express highly recommends carpooling for anyone with a Uretiti reservation.