Prepare yourselves for a rib-tickling extravaganza this July as the incomparable Fortune Feimster takes centre stage in Auckland with her latest comedic venture, the “Live Laugh Love!” tour.

Known for her infectious charisma and singular style, Feimster is a master at bridging gaps with her confessional brand of comedy, proving that shared laughter is the universal connector.

Feimster, with her disarming humour and delightful wit, has a knack for highlighting the shared experiences that unite us all. Her latest one-hour Netflix special, “Good Fortune,” is a testament to this talent. Here, she ingeniously spins everyday observations into comedic gold, leaving audiences around the globe in fits of laughter.


In addition to her stand-up feats, Feimster is making waves in the world of television. She will be returning to the Netflix platform on May 25, co-starring with the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action-comedy series “FUBAR.” This marks a significant milestone for Schwarzenegger as he makes his debut on the small screen.

The “Live Laugh Love!” tour is an unparalleled opportunity to witness Fortune Feimster’s exceptional comedic prowess firsthand. Her performances transcend the boundaries of standup comedy, offering a unique, engaging, and laughter-filled experience.

So, mark your calendars and make sure not to miss out when Feimster graces a city near you!