Anderson Lee Aldrich, the individual accused in the tragic shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, has entered a guilty plea to a total of 53 charges, including five counts of first-degree murder.

The suspect, formerly facing 305 criminal counts encompassing hate crimes and murder charges, pleaded guilty on Monday (June 26).

Aldrich, who prefers they/them pronouns, confessed to five first-degree murder charges, 46 charges of attempted first-degree murder, and two bias-motivated hate crimes.


The charges stem from an incident on November 19, 2022, when 23-year-old Aldrich opened fire inside the gay nightclub, resulting in the deaths of five individuals and injuries to over 30 others.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Aldrich’s guilty plea was anticipated as part of a negotiated agreement during a court hearing. Family members of the victims revealed to the news outlet that the prosecution intended to pursue a life sentence for the suspect.

Had the trial proceeded, family members and victims would have been subjected to the viewing of surveillance footage capturing the horrific shooting incident.

Earlier this month, news emerged that Aldrich had attributed their actions to steroid use.

In previous court hearings related to the shooting, investigators testified that Aldrich may have planned to live stream the attack. Detectives also discovered evidence suggesting the suspect had visited a website hosting a “neo-Nazi white supremacist” training video glorifying mass shootings.

In the days following the shooting, it was revealed that the FBI had been alerted to Aldrich after the suspect’s arrest in June 2021 for allegedly making a bomb threat against family members. However, the case against Aldrich was later dropped.

The guilty plea by Anderson Lee Aldrich marks a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding the devastating shooting at Club Q. As the case progresses, the focus now shifts to the sentencing phase, where the court will determine the appropriate punishment for the crimes committed. The affected families and the community await justice for the lives lost and the lasting impact of this tragic event.