Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has spoken out against the increasing anti-transgender sentiments in the United States in a recent interview ahead of his latest album release, “Saviors,” this week.

Amid the growing excitement for the album, Armstrong and band members Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool used the opportunity to address the alarming rise of anti-trans “moral panic” in the country.

Expressing his dismay at the current discourse surrounding transgender youth, Armstrong described the anti-trans movement as close-mindedness and something fueled by fear.


“I just think they’re fuc*ing close-minded.”

“It’s like people are afraid of their children. Why would you be afraid? Why don’t you let your kid just be the kid that they are?”

“But for us, back in the day, that was like the beginning of when people were able to openly say things like that.”

During a discussion about the album’s new song “Bobby Sox,” which is inspired by his wife Adrienne, Armstrong, who identifies as bisexual, also touched on the subject of gender fluidity and opened up about a touching moment when an old friend was moved to tears by the songs inclusive lyrics.

Armstrong added that “Bobby Sox,” which contains lyrics like “Doesn’t matter when we are in love,” “You’re not just any type of girl,” “Do you wanna be my girlfriend?” and “Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” initially played with gender perspectives but ended up resonating as a queer singalong.

Armstrong’s comments come when Green Day has been vocal in their political statements, often clashing with far right-wing ideologies. The band recently made headlines when they modified a lyric in their song “American Idiot” during a New Year’s Eve performance, targeting former President Donald Trump’s “MAGA agenda” instead of George Bush’s “redneck agenda,” resulting in backlash from some groups.

Bassist Mike Dirnt responded to the backlash, reminding people of the band’s long-standing political stance and questioning why the lyric change was unexpected. Green Day has consistently aligned itself with progressive causes, advocating for the freedom and rights of the youth against political and conservative figures.

Their upcoming album, “Saviors,” set to be released on January 19, 2024, is followed by a worldwide stadium tour, where the band is expected to continue their legacy of blending music with social and political commentary.