Drag Race Down Under begins filming in Auckland this month, but with US book tour dates booked, will RuPaul make it to NZ? YOUR EX has the answer, plus all the Season 4 gossip and rumours!

Exclusive sources tell YOUR EX that Australian contestants on Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will fly to Auckland on Friday, 16 February. But with RuPaul announcing the US tour of his memoir ‘The House of Hidden Meanings’ starting on Saturday, 4 March, in New York City – some fans have been left questioning if RuPaul can make the new series.

“Drag Race usually takes two days to film each episode, and Down Under usually has ten episodes, so unless Ru skips the final two episodes – surely he can’t make it,” a concerned fan pointed out to YOUR EX.


So YOUR EX reached out to a source close to the production, who confirmed that Ru would indeed still be touching down in NZ to film the show!

However, changes are afoot. With terrible reviews of Down Under’s last season, production has taken steps to improve the show’s quality. “This Season, I’ve heard all the queens have been given $2000US to help improve the quality of the looks they are showing on the runway,” one drag industry source tells YOUR EX. So, hopefully, we will be seeing some winning ‘lewks’ from the three Kiwi queens competing!

‘And who are those Kiwi queens?’ We hear you asking!

Drag insiders tell YOUR EX we can expect a Wellingtonian blonde, an Auckland muso, and a Family Bar regular!