Ricky Martin, during a recent interview on “The View,” openly expressed his admiration for feet, directly telling co-host Joy Behar, “I love feet.” The Grammy-winning artist had previously touched on his unique interest in feet back in February, revealing that he shares photos of feet to delight his fans.

In the new conversation on the popular talk show, recorded on May 9, Martin was primarily there to promote his latest Apple TV+ series, “Palm Royale.” However, he found a moment to revisit his well-known foot fetish.

Joy Behar, aged 81, teased Martin about what the audience was learning about him, referring to his earlier shared shirtless Instagram photo and mentioning his foot fetish. Martin confirmed his interest with a smile, jokingly complimenting Behar on her feet.


Behar noted that all the show’s co-hosts, including Martin, had their feet featured on WikiFeet, a website known for cataloging celebrity feet pictures. Martin, a dancer, acknowledged that while his own feet were part of the collection, “some people like mine!”

Ricky Martin, also a guest judge at Madonna’s recent Celebration Tour, has always been candid about his sexual preferences. In an interview with GQ, he discussed his fascination with feet, saying, “I love foot massages, and I would kiss your feet for hours. We all have our preferences; some are into armpits.”

Ricky Martin’s tattooed feet

Martin is known for frequently posting shirtless photos, or in minimal clothing, but he also ensures his feet are often highlighted in some images. The “She Bangs” singer, who publicly came out as gay in 2010, also touched upon the challenges of coming out, particularly recalling a distressing interview in 2000 with journalist Barbara Walters, who later apologized for making him feel pressured about revealing his sexuality.

Martin reflected on the impact of that interview, stating, “It gave every journalist permission to ask: ‘Are you gay?’ I wasn’t ready to talk about it then. I didn’t want people to know. Perhaps it was internalised homophobia, but it wasn’t the right time for me.”