There’s Something New About Mary


Trans web personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is moving on to bigger things.

In late April Mary announced that she was closing down web-series Mary TV after 7 years, “I’ve been aware that I’ve had to do something about this for a while, but I’ve held off.” Says Haddock-Staniland.

Mary TV’ lifestyle web-series profiling people within our community, cooking and product releases. Mary tells us “It’s time to move on with a new chapter in my life, which I am very excited about.”


With a large following across social media and website database registrations, Mary knew it was time to centralize everything, to a single ‘Go To’ space for her followers and came up with

Mary promises her new site will have lots of giveaways, ranging from dairy products to beauty care and hopes to include styling sessions with top NZ fashion designers.

 Article | gayexpress