Michael Richardson is sleeping rough by choice.

The 2014 Lifewise Big Sleepout is a fundraising event design to bring to light the issue of  youth homelessness in Auckland. “I believe that all our young people should have an equal chance to be the best they can be” says Richardson.

Having taken part in 2012 Richardson speaks of the eye opening and humbling experience “I now feel privileged to again have the opportunity of raising funds to support Lifewise’s work with homeless people”


express talks to General Manager Duncan Matthew’ bout youth homelessness.

“What I’ve heard anecdotally is that LGBTI are hugely overrepresented in youth homelessness stats, with some surveys/estimates saying upto 40% of homeless youth are LGBTI (4x the general population estimate of 10%)”

This event aids in LGBTI homelessness by raising awareness of the number of homeless people there are, and hopefully the specific safety needs around having queer and trans* identified people in a general homeless shelter.

You can help with Michael’s plight by donating at his lifewise page.

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The Life Wise Big sleep out takes place at Thursday, July 3to Friday, July 4, 2014 (6.30pm to 8am) at AUT’s main city campus quad.