On a beautiful mid-Winters day contributing editor Paul Rose and photographer Tux Hika headed for the urban jungle of Ponsonby.

We catch up with Ryan Lightfoot.

What’s your rabbit called?



Can you remember your first pet?

Yes, her name was Karla. She was a border collie my parents bought together as teenagers.

Have you always been a pet person?

Yes. I grew up with a dog and two cats. I got my first rabbit when I was 12. Since moving out of home I now have 2 cats, a rabbit, 2 chickens, a rat and a tank full of lizards!

What are the advantages of owning animals?

The attention, love and appreciation they have towards you.

Ryan Lightfoot with his Rabbit Hop

Are there disadvantages?

The disadvantages are minimal. Having to get someone to take care of them when you’re away.

Any advice for budding pet owners?

Do it. Remember you are in it for the long run. They are living and not disposable.

Article | Paul Rose. Photos | Ryan with Hop by Tux Hika.