The New Zealand International Film Festival 2014 has many a treat in store as it makes it’s way around Aotearoa. 

express top pick | Love Is Strange

After 28 years together, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) take advantages of the new marriage laws and tie the knot in a garden wedding, surrounded by friends and family, in the East Village.


However, upon returning from their honeymoon, Ben gets fired from his job as a Choir Master at a Catholic School and the two of them can no longer afford the mortgage so they move in with a nephew and his family in Brooklyn, who’s neighbours happen to be two gay cops.

A multi-generational story of love and marriage, Love Is Strange depicts the delicate nature of any two people trying to build a long life together, and the possibility of love to grow deeper, and richer, with time.

Director Ira Sachs
Country of Production USA

 Article | Paul Rose