Reaching For The Moon – NZ International Film Festival 2014 Top Picks


The New Zealand International Film Festival 2014 has many a treat in store as it makes it’s way around Aotearoa. 

express top pick | Reaching For The Moon

Reaching For The Moon is a love story between two women.  Elizabeth, a weak, alcoholic loser, and Lota, a strong winner, provider and do-er.


They meet when Elizabeth, a frustrated poet travels to Brazil where they are introduced by Mary, Lota’s lover of more than twelve years.

Lota falls for Elizabeth and initial hostilities make way for a complicated, yet long-lasting love affair that dramatically alters Elizabeth’s relationship to the world around her.

Set in the Rio de Janeiro of the 50’s and 60’s this is a film that speaks of love, loss, despair and joy and is based on a true story.

Director Bruno Barreto

Country of Production Brazil

Language English/Portuguese

Running Time 118 minutes

 Article | Paul Rose