In what is believed to be a first, NZ’s only mixed GLBT touch team the LYC Chargers are vying for the top spot in the Newmarket Touch Winter League.

The Chargers have been making great progress over the winter season and are currently sitting 2nd on the leaderboard.

Tonight they go to battle against the current number one team, who played the LYC Chargers earlier on this season where they won out by one point. Determined not to be beaten again team, Captain Dion Hosking is encouraging our rainbow community to head down and support the team.


Hosking’s also mentioned they are looking for a 7th team mate so if you’re interested please contact Dion on or mobile 0210542748

Game Details

Monday 25th August 5.30pm at The Cage, Mountain Rd Newmarket, Directly opposite St Paul’s College Main Entrance.

Article | Tux Hika