Welsh Photographer “Blinded” in Homophobic Petrol Attack


20 year old gay photographer Tyler George Maddick has had petrol thrown over him in a homophobic attack.

Maddick, a local resident of  Swansea, south Wales, had been out to drinks with friends late last thursday night when walking home a car drew up alongside him and the occupants called him a “faggot.”

Maddick talking to walesonline describes the attack.


“I got to a road crossing and I heard this car stop up behind me. I heard this homophobic slur. Next thing I knew I’d got this liquid in my face.”

With his phone out of battery and not far from home he ran home to wash out what at the time he hadn’t realised was petrol.

“I washed it out as my eye was starting to burn up,” he said.

The following day he went to the hospital where he was informed he has suffered full loss of site.

Maddick adds, “To be fair I think I was more angry than anything. I’m quite a strong-minded person and it wasn’t so much that they had done it, it was the fact that they targeted me, because if they can pick on me they can pick on anyone.”

 Article | Tux Hika