express had a quick chat with Mr Gay World 2013 Chris Olwage, who shares just a little of what it was like as the reigning Mr Gay World.

How has your journey as Mr Gay World been over the last year? 

“This year has been an incredible eye opener for me, to travel the world and see as much as I have of both the the physical and social conditions of the global gender and sexually diverse people.”


How has the support been for you both nationally and internationally?

“I am humbled and overwhelmed by the many who followed me on my journey and hope that my work on LGBTQ+ only grows from strength to strength from this point onwards. It is really just the beginning for me!”

Thats exciting! What was it like meeting the delegates in this years competition? 

“The boys were truly amazing! Some had the kindest souls and others amazing activism”

Were there any clear winners in your mind?

“It was truly so hard to choose between them. Stuart, now Mr Gay World just had the sparkle we were looking for… asking Putin for a sit down and a cup of tea to discuss points of view was a great way to show his natural ease of conversational wit.

English sentimentality but also awareness and action. He will do us proud… and I am proud to able to assist him in anyway to get there.”

Now that you have handed the title over what’s next on your agenda?

“There are many events in my near future that will hopefully see me still globetrotting in the name of visibility and gay activism… and I will see what we can do together to make it all possible.”

Article | Tux Hika