GLBTI athletes and culture lovers will be heading to Wellington in late January next year for the Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend.

One of the co-ordinators, Martin Kaulback, says the aim of the gathering (Friday 23 to Sunday 25 January 2015) is for an informal and friendly GLBTI weekend of fun and competition.

“We want to encourage the growth of the GLBTI sport and culture community in New Zealand through inclusive participation, especially now that Auckland is to host the 4th Asia-Pacific Outgames in February 2016,” Martin says.


“It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate and promote GLBTI sport, involvement, community and identity. Several organisations are running events during the weekend, including swimming, badminton, tennis, running, ten-pin bowling and same sex dancing while on the social side of the ledger we’ll be hosting a sports party and dinner.”

Martin says while the weekend has been timed to coincide with Auckland anniversary weekend, it’s hoped many people from throughout the country will be able to attend.

“Wellington’s rainbow community has a strong track record in hosting successful sporting and cultural events, including the 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames in 2011.”

Martin says the Rainbow Dinner on Saturday 24 January should be a lot of fun.

“It’s an opportunity for anyone in the GLBTI sporting community, and beyond, to come together to celebrate. There will be a brief awards ceremony as part of the dinner and once the dinner is over there will be a Sports Party that is open to all members of the community.”

Check out the timetable here!

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