The Hidden Biker Culture


Photographer Cedric Lefebvre reveals the hidden subculture of bikers through a series of intimate portraits in his new book, Bikershot, release​d this month.

Bikershot features a series of portraits of European, American and Australian riders with their bikes and gear. The portraits play on the symbolism of bikes and brands, contrasting the image an individual projects with the secret personality behind the leather jacket.

Bikershot grew out of Lefebvre’s concept of creating a ‘playing card’ portrait of a biker to show two opposing aspects of the same individual. The idea of a portrait with the dual concept of the spoken and the hidden at its core spread through the biker community on social media, bringing requests for more, until Lefebvre decided to create a collection.


Lefebvre says, “Bikers are a tribe, and brands, style and behaviours are their language; a language of heroes, seducers and even fetishism. But each member has a unique syntax, and deciphering it is the ultimate aim of these portraits.”

Bikershot is available worldwide from Amazon

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