Movie Review: Interstella


What could make me happier then an intelligent, sci fi film that doesn’t rely on big ooh aah aliens and horrible versions of end of days humanity?

Interstellar nails it. I know, I’m late to the game but none the less there is no better father-daughter bonding then a father-daughter sci fi film and as such I had to wait til Christmas. The premise is relatively simple – Earth has become a dust bath, space travel has been discredited as all money must go into food and yet Matthew McConaughey is off to a black hole hanging around Saturn to save humanity with a rather dashing looking Anne Hathaway far more then simply in tow.

The joy of Interstellar is in it’s moments of genuine human connection combined with a base of fact (as far as science currently knows anyway). Director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy) brought theoretical physicist Kip Thorne onboard as scientific consultant and executive producer adding an element of reality to some pretty astoundingly magical moments. The visual design of the places where McConaughey and crew end up makes for highly satisfactory cinematography, with all the bells and whistles to match. Highlights include moments of stellar silence (a break from Hans Zimmer’s crashing organs), Mackenzie Foy’s performance and a grand haircut for an intellectually engaged Hathaway. With minimal green screen technology, Interstellar is well worth seeing on a large scale – and potentially some dad bonding too.



The Science of Interstellar – according to Discovery Channel (potential spoilers alert)

 Article | Lydia Zanetti