What better way to see in the new year then a feminist hashtag?

Writer Ijeoma Oluo took to Twitter pre-New Years with a whole bunch seriously silly and sarcastically serious resolutions for the 2015 feminist inside all – ok, some of us.

Highlights include:


@IjeomaOluo – When a dude says you’re “not like other girls” say, “I know” and then unhinge your jaw and swallow him whole. #FeministNewYearResolutions

@IjeomaOluo – When people ask why you aren’t married, yell “I AM MARRIED TO THE STRUGGLE” & flip over a table. #FeministNewYearResolutions

And then, of course, the rest of the world got in behind her, such as…

@myhairisblue – Every time a guy tells me to “separate art from artist” re: Woody Allen/Roman Polanski, I will abandon the date. #FeministNewYearResolutions

@Phunky_Brewster – Finally making the switch: swapping male tears for almond milk in my morning coffee. #FeministNewYearResolutions

Ridiculous. Have a read: @IjeomaOluo and #FeministNewYearResolutions

 Article | Lydia Zanetti