At the far end of my holidays and while most other people I know are heading back to work, I escape for a couple more days to the beach in Russell. And what better fortune, then to apparently have the presence of a great near us… Between yelly kids, lovely old folks and white picket fences is apparently none other then Kate Winslet. And so the search begins.

And also the questioning.

Why Russell? Is Ms Winslet interested in the historical precidence of Russell being New Zealand’s first capital? Does she have a penchant for Chang beer that I was otherwise not privy to? Is she on the look out for a bad hat?


It starts with watching a rather dashing yellow and pink yacht, 10am on a Tuesday. We’ve swum already, it’s beautiful. Is she there? Should we steal a boat to go check? Instead we get bad coffee.

Next is the Duke Tavern. Everyone’s hungover from the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tribute show that was on last night. No Rocknroll to be found.

We decide to go to the source of the rumour – the Duke of Marlborough Hotel where Winslet and hubby dined on oysters and wine in December. We look at the prices and decide we’d rather not.

Hopefully Winslet will make an appearance at the (also over-priced) fish and chippy. Otherwise I might just have to wait for her to join Instagram.