Hundreds of thousands have rallied in Rome to oppose the introduction of civil unions for same sex couples in Italy.

An estimated 300,000  Italians gathered in Rome on Saturday to demonstrate their opposition to civil unions for same sex couples and the teaching of gender theories in schools, as Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tries to push a civil union bill through parliament.

The rally was held in San Giovanni square near the Italian capital’s historic centre. Yahoo News reports that the square, which can hold an estimated 300,000 people, was overflowing with the young, elderly and parents with toddlers, with many more demonstrators spilling into nearby streets.


“In my children’s schools they are talking about families made up of two fathers or two mothers, without asking parents’ permission,” said 41-year old doctor Giuseppe Ripa, adding: “It’s dangerous and wrong.” Yahoo News reports.

Despite the public display of opposition, Italy is expected to make ciivl unions legal within a matter of weeks.

The predominately catholic nation is the only Western European country that does not already allow same-sex marriages or civil unions. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s civil union bill passed its first hurdle on June 10th with a majority vote in the lower house.

The Italian senate is expected to examine the bill next month, with the aim of legislation being enacted before the end of July.

 Article | Levi Joule.