Tony Abbott Stalls Marriage Equality Effort in Australia


Marriage equality is no still no closer to becoming a reality in Australia following Tony Abbott’s decision to not even address the issue during today’s coalition party room meeting.

The Star Observer reports that at today’s Coalition party room meeting, which comes just a day after Labor leader Bill Shorten introduced a marriage equality bill to Parliament — a free vote on the issue of Shorten’s marriage equality was not even discussed, according to Australian Marriage Equality (AME).

AME National Director Rodney Croome said the government was in no position to criticise Shorten’s bill if it then failed to debate a free vote.


“The community is growing increasingly impatient with the Federal Government for not dealing with a free vote,” he said.

“Marriage equality is easy, popular and doesn’t cost a cent. Let’s get it done.” Croome said.

 Article | Levi Joule.