Sex is vital to our sense of wellbeing.

It is something we do to achieve pleasure but it is also an act that can bring us together as human beings in the most intimate way possible. Sex and more importantly good, safe sex is a key to leading a happy and healthy life. It can also be a barometer of how good a relationship is going.

June Issue


In this issue we will look at how we can improve our sexual experiences by talking to the sexperts! The safe sex mantra is of real significance to the GLBT community so it is disappointing to see no safe sex message again this month. But it is great to see the two leading condom brands supporting our annual sex issue this year.

The introduction of non latex condoms since the law change last year is the most significant condom development for many years. They give a feel element many users prefer so will help to ensure even more gay sex is safe sex. We also look at PrEP, a possible pharmaceutical solution to safe sex, which is not currently available in New Zealand.

So enjoy our June issue and remember we update the news and events on everyday!

Levi Joule

 Article | Levi Joule.