A Utah Man has been the victim of a series of horrific anti gay hate crimes, one of which included having “die fag” carved into his arm.

Rick Jones, a resident of Delta, Utah was first attacked by an unknown assailant while closing up his pizza business  on April 25. The incident resulted in Jones being slammed into a wall and passing out from the head injury.

“I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he recalled. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”


When Jones regained consciousness again, he was being treated by a medical team for a concussion and the words “Die Fag” cut into his arm.

Those were not the last of the attacks however. CNN reports that a Molotov cocktail through his bedroom window on June 10th.

“It didn’t explode but it started a fire that burnt the wall and some of my carpet,” he said. “It actually landed on my bed. I ran and warned my family ‘there is a fire’ and I got a fire extinguisher and was able to quickly get the fire out.” Jones tells CNN.

That same night the pizza restaurant was robbed again, police said.

The thieves took $1,800 and vandalized the business, Jones said.

“They painted the words, ‘You’ll burn’ and ‘die f*g’ on the walls,” he said.

Delta police are investigating the incidents, with no arrests yet to be made.

 Article | Levi Joule.