Nike’s latest collection would be given the boot from Russia if one conservative lawmaker gets his way.

Conservative St. Petersburg City Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov is campaigning to have Nike’s Summer 2015 collection banned from Russia because it features rainbow-themed merchandise.

The collection features rainbow-themed merchandise and according to Nike’s website “celebrates the LGBT community and the universality of sport”



Milonov, has taken exception to the new collection and argues that the display and sale of the collection falls under the category of “gay propaganda,” which was banned under a 2013 Russian law.

The Moscow Times reports that Milonov says the Nike collection  is particularly dangerous because its “perverted values” are part of a soft-power campaign aimed at teenagers, who are especially susceptible to advertising messages.

Representatives of Nike Russia reaffirmed the international company’s position and says “Nike does not discriminate, based on sexual orientation, sex, nationality or age. Nike supports social and cultural diversity and seeks to deliver inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

 Article | Levi Joule.