Auckland OutGames WILL Proceed


It has been confirmed the 2016 Asia Pacific Outgames will proceed.

Speaking to express, Craig Watson has confirmed that the 2016 Asia Pacific Outgames will go ahead in Auckland next February. The confirmation comes after the GLISA Asia Pacific – the games governing body, met on the 18th of August to decide the future of the event.

express understands that GLISA wants to open registrations for the games on the 1st of September and for all events to be “locked in ASAP”


Watson says there are a number of conditions that need to be met for the games to continue including “the establishment of another incorporated society, confirmation from Auckland council that they will be supporting the event and acquiring some funding.”

Mr Watson says that he is “absolutely” confident those conditions will be met and that the 2016 Asia Pacific Out Games will be held in Auckland next February.

“The touch guys are ready to go, the bridge guys are ready to go, the swimming guys are ready to go. Something will absolutely be held here next February”

Watson does concede that the games will be scaled down however, saying “It will definitely be different from what the dreams were, but that was the problem – the dreams were too big and too unrealistic”

The news follows weeks of uncertainty around the games after the original Outgames board resigned en masse in July.

 Article | Levi Joule.