Following an embarrassing hoax last year in which Russian television pranksters who called Elton John pretending to be Vladimir Putin, a tentative date has been set for a tête-a-tête between the openly gay superstar and the real Russian President.

Coinciding with Elton John’s concert in Moscow on 30 May, the meeting will take place on the 30 of May or 1 June.

Speaking to ES Magazine, Elton said that the meeting is “not just [about] gay rights. I’ll take on anything and go anywhere to help those in need. I am not afraid.”


He went on to say “I will speak out. What are they going to do to me? If they shoot me, they shoot me. I don’t care.”

“I am a fan of the human being. I don’t like seeing dead children washed up on the beaches of Europe. But I am an optimist. There’s more good in this world than bad.”

John admits he is no politician and will have to be diplomatic with his words, “I am not going to say to Vladimir Putin, ‘Hey Vladimir you have got to f**king change this’. Or I will get a quick Polonium injection and I will be f**ked!”

Image | Artist Impression from Pink News