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Young Kiwi Entrepreneur says her Plus Sized Shoes are for Everyone

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Gustavia Nia Lui, a young New Zealand entrepreneur who is taking the Kiwi shoe industry by storm, says that her plus sized shoe range, Staavias, is for everyone. Staavias provides footwear for people with feet sized between 10 and 14 in a range of glamorous styles.

“I have someone close to me that is part of the trans community and I did ask her opinion many times. She even tried on a couple of samples and gave me some feedback which I took in to account” says Nia Lui, who went on to say that although she did not set out to make sure specifically from the trans community, but that “we definitely have the same struggles, our feet are large and wide.”

“Our shoes not only provide a generous fit, they are strong and durable” she goes on to say, perfect for people on the go, on stage, or who just want their shoe game to be on point!

GJ Gardner Maxi 8 May – 31 July 2018

Nia Lui says that she thinks it is important to have plus sized shoes available from NZ retailers for transgender people who often can not fit shoes made for women in feminine styles because of the size or shape of their feet.

“Shoes plays a huge role in one’s confidence. So it’s important for plus size shoes to be readily available in NZ for any individual who wants them.”

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GJ Gardner Maxi 8 May – 31 July 2018
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